Augmented Reality 101

    What is AR?

    Augmented reality (AR) is the blending of interactive digital elements into our real-world environments, adding layers of useful digital information. AR is quite unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which creates an entirely artificial environment to replace the real world with a virtual one. Digital elements such as sounds, videos, graphics, and other computer-generated graphics are superimposed to the existing environment. This allows the user to analyze real-world environments and situations with the additional layers of information in real-time, to solve various problems.

    The AR market is expected to cross $100 Billion in 2021.

    Augmented Reality in Architecture

    Where can it be applied?

    Augmented Reality can be applied in a number of fields and industries with its more common applications in education, gaming, and shopping. Below is a list of some of the more specific industries for the application of AR

    • Education: interactive models for learning and training purposes, for example in mathematics, engineering, medicine, etc. The education applications can be extended to safety and protocol training for corporates.
    • Equipment Maintenance: Diagnostic intelligence to identify exactly what equipment and hardware need servicing, as well as any potential issues. This reduces a lot of costs associated with surprise machine failures, unscheduled repairs, and replacement.
    • Military: For advanced navigation, enhanced training missions, and marking objects in real-time.
    • Product Design, Modelling, and Development: AR can help professionals visualize their final designs, to check the feasibility and allowing them to implement without any time lag
    • Tourism: Providing interactive information on destinations, sightseeing objects, and positions, virtual tours, and navigation around environments.

    This technology has great potential even in fields such as agriculture, mining, surveying, and there is a need to jump on this bandwagon to implement solutions to some of the problems we face today and of the future.

    Over the next weeks we will dive deep into:

    • The advantages of AR
    • Some of the drawbacks of AR
    • How one can start learning about this technology
    • And how one can start to implement solutions using AR.

    We will look at generic AR solutions as well as focusing a bit on Retail, Education, Agriculture, Construction and City Planning and Services.

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