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    Augmented Reality 101

    What is AR? Augmented reality (AR) is the blending of interactive digital elements into our real-world environments, adding...

    Happy Mothers day to ALL the mothers in the world

    "These people are a special breed" - Robert G. Mugabe Here at Africoiner would love to send our love...

    Spatial Analytics for Logistics Optimisation

    What is logistics optimisation and why is it important? Logistics optimisation is all about trying to reduce operational costs,...

    Location Intelligence and the modern supply chain network

    The modern supply chain is a complex web of a multitude of interconnected nodes that are transforming with each day. Supply chain professionals...

    How to deploy Smart Contracts on XINFIN’s XDC Hybrid Blockchain

    This blog post is a follow-through of a Live Webinar I am conducting on 22nd of May. I will be going through...

    Understanding the impact of Decentralization.

    Blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, in particular, has made a lot of headlines in the past years. So many people do not understand...

    XDC Token Burn through BlockDegree

    Ever wondered what token is? In the video below, Confidence explains it with its use case on the XDC protocol through BlockDegree.


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